Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SWEET EVIL Tour Dates!

As promised, here are the tour dates for the Sweet Evil tour, which runs from August 15 - September 15. Be sure to follow the tour for awesome giveaways, interviews, guest posts, reviews, and more!

August 15Fall Into Books (Repost Review, Promo, Guest Post, Book Giveaway)
August 16Fiction Freak (Anna and Kai interview, Promo stop)
August 17Chocolate Coated Reviews (Promo, Interview)
August 18Readers Live 1000 Lives (Review, Book Giveaway, Kai Interview)
August 19 Mostly YA Book Obsessed (Promo with review re-post, Anna Top 5 Loves and Hates about Kaidan, Book Giveaway)
August 20Book Sessions (Kai Interview)
August 21Millie D’s Words (Review re-post, Interview, Bookmark Giveaway)
August 22Pretty In Fiction (Review, Guest Post, Bookmark Giveaway)
August 23Reading In Winter (Promo, Interview)
August 25Gabby Reads (Review, Interview)
August 26Tater’s Tall Tails (Promo with review re-post, Kai Interviews Tara, Bookmark Giveaway)
August 27Camille Picott (Guest Post)                    
                     Nawanda Files (Book Giveaway, Interview)
August 28Book Nook (Review, Book Giveaway)
August 29Random Acts of Books (Review + Promo, Bookmark Giveaway, Guest Post)
August 30My Not So Real Life (Interview)
August 31Literary Getaway (Review, Bookmark Giveaway)
September 1 Book Addict’s Guide (Review + Promo, Book Giveaway, Interview)
September 2Beauty and the Bookshelf (Review + Promo, Bookmark Giveaway, Interview)
September 3Kissed by Ink (Review + Promo, Interview)
September 4My Book Boyfriend (Review, Author Interview, Book Giveaway)
September 5Singing and Reading in the Rain (Interview, Bookmark Giveaway)
September 6Bloody Book-a-holic (Bookmark Giveaway, Review re-post + Promo)
September 7The Book Slayer (Promo, Interview)
September 8Sweet Southern Home (Promo, Interview)
September 9Book Love 101 – (Review + Promo, Book Giveaway)
September 10Obsession with Books (Book Giveaway, Interview)
September 11The Book Goddess (Guest Post)
September 12Falling Books (Bookmark Giveaway, Interview)
September 13Fairytale Nerd (Promo, Bookmark Giveaway, Guest Post)
                           The Bookish Babe (Review + Promo, Interview)
September 14The Girl in a Café (Review + Promo, Guest Post)
September 15 Citrus Reads (Review, Bookmark Giveaway, Guest Post)

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  1. Thanks for having me be a part of the tour! Very excited :)

  2. It is really teriffic that you put together this tour in an effort to save the series. I'm thrilled to be participating!

  3. This tour is going to be great! So excited to be a part of it! Thanks for all your hard work in putting it together!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  4. I loved Sweet Evil!! Really happy to be a part of the tour :)

  5. Really loved this book, should be a great series!
    Following the tour!


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