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The Hunter and the Hunted
Kelley Armstrong

Rating: A
Synopsis from
In Off-Duty Angel , dark witch and half-demon Eve Levine is desperate for a little entertainment while her lover, Kristof Nast, is detained in afterlife court—enough to volunteer an extra week’s worth of angel corps duty just to pass the time. Luckily something even better comes up: a real celestial bounty-hunter mission to trail a shaman, someone who might prove to be a useful lead in Kristof’s court case. Following the target goes smoothly, until he leads Eve to the British Museum, where she inadvertently steps into a secret dimensional passage and stumbles upon a far more enticing puzzle . . . and a much greater danger.

This collection also includes Stalked (Otherworld #7.3), previously printed in My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon.
It’s not a good sign when Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers resort to everyday activities on their long-awaited honeymoon in St. Louis. But their encroaching boredom is about to take a backseat to an unexpected threat that catches Clay’s attention. A non-pack werewolf is clearly stalking them—out to claim Elena for himself—and Clay has no intention of letting the upstart mutt spoil their romantic getaway, even if that means deceiving Elena as he pursues the rival werewolf on his own.

Includes an exclusive early look at the first seven chapters of Thirteen, the Otherworld series finale coming July 24, 2012.

My thoughts on the book:
The Hunter and the Hunted are two short stories from Kelley Armstrong's the Otherworld series. Penguin also threw in the first seven chapters of Thirteen, and let me just say that I cannot wait for that book. I've had it pre-ordered for awhile now, but reading these first few chapters really sold me on it. I'm counting the days until it's released. The two short stories are good, and I always love getting more Elena and Clay. While I enjoyed them, I enjoyed the sneak peek of Thirteen more.

The first story in this novella is a short story about Elena and Clay, told from Clay's perspective. I love when Clay narrates because he has such a unique perspective. It's always like I'm reading from a wolf's perspective instead of a man's. I love Elena as a narrator too, but it's always interesting to see Clay's take on things. "Stalked," the story, is a cute story about Elena and Clay's honeymoon. It was interesting to see how they interacted and how much they tried to stick to human ideals while on their honeymoon. I'm going to miss those two characters when the series ends. 

"Off-Duty Angel" is told from Eve's perspective. It's also a cute story, and it was nice to get to know Eve better. Since she only had one book in the series, I don't feel like I know her as well as I know the other characters. She's not present as much as Jaime (who also only had one book) is. I feel like I know Eve more through reputation than through observing her behaviors, so I liked getting to see more of her. Both stories are only around 30 pages each and very light-hearted. 

The teaser for Thirteen blew my mind. I was already wishing July 24 would hurry and get here, and now it's a billion times worse. The final book in the Otherworld series is shaping up to be an intense and emotional thrill-ride. I have a feeling I'll laugh, cry, and be on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. I'm literally counting the days until I can get my hands on this novel. 

Overall, I'd recommend this novella to any Kelley Armstrong fan. If you're a fan of the Otherworld series, then you'll love getting more looks into the characters' lives. It's also a nice edition to the series because we get to hear from characters who usually don't get to narrate their own stories. If you haven't read the Otherworld series yet, then you're missing out. Start with Bitten, though. You'd be completely lost with this novella if you hadn't read the other books first. The Hunter and the Hunted is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon in e-book format. This is a novella you'll want to add to your e-reader library.

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