Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pitch Dark Days Tour in Cary, NC

If you guys get a chance to go out to the Pitch Dark Days Tour with Tahereh Mafi, Cynthia Hand, Veronica Rossi, and Brodi Ashton, you do not want to miss it. The authors are extremely entertaining during their Q&A, and they are all super nice and down to earth... not to mention some of the best authors in the YA genre. Some of the highlights of the evening are as follows:

Tahereh Mafi actually broke the mic when she was talking about how her mom reacted to Destroy Me because she IS Beyonce and had been lip syncing the entire time.

Brodi Ashton and Nikki (from the Everneath series) have been in couples' counseling for awhile.

Cynthia Hand took tons of pictures of a laundry room in Stanford's dorms during the research for Boundless.

Brodi had a really hard time with the world-building in Everbound. She kept creating a place like Earth instead of a fantastical place for the Everneath. Finally, she drew the map that you'll find in the front of the book on a paper plate and created the Everneath.

Cynthia Hand actually visited Jackson Hole high school twice. The first time she went, she wasn't a published author yet, so no one knew who she was. Therefore, the principal had to coerce the kids to talk to her.

When Veronica Rossi started the Never Sky series, her husband had to inform her that Perry could only tear up once per book. Now writing for Perry comes as easily to her as writing for Aria.

Brodi Ashton created a character for Everneath that didn't make it into the final cut. She was so determined to make her editor like this character that she gave the girl a mohawk and a nose-piercing... it still didn't work, and considering I already forgot the character's name, it's probably for the best... sorry Brodi!

Cynthia Hand had a disagreement with her editor about how Boundless should start, and it resulted in the novella Radiant.

Tahereh Mafi feels that the best part about being an author is being able to live the pantless lifestyle.

Everneath in five words or less, according to Brodi Ashton: "Girl follows boy. Gets screwed."

The first book Tahereh Mafi ever wrote was about a girl with magical purple eyelashes.

Oh, and my personal favorite moment of the evening... Tahereh Mafi recognized me from Twitter!

Here are some pics of the evening:


  1. My friend and I drove down from Virginia to be at this event so I'm impressed that you got a post up so soon (I've only been home an hour)! How awesome that Tahereh Mafi recognized you! She was hilarious, and I loved when she mentioned that she'd been lip synching the whole time when the mic broke. Looking at your pictures, I'm pretty sure I was the complete nerd standing behind you. Sorry for that! ;)

    1. I remember you! You were behind me. I saw the Midnight Book Girl card when you were trying to get it to stand up so you could take a pic of it with Snarkles :). I only live a half hour away from Cary. That's how I got the post up so quickly, haha. Thanks for stopping by!


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