Friday, May 13, 2016

My Second Day at BEA #BEA16

My second day at BEA went a lot better than my first. I managed to get my coffee this morning without dumping it everywhere, and even though I missed getting a Maggie Stiefvater ticket, I was lucky enough to get a copy of The Raven King signed anyway because they had some extra books. Overall, it was a great day.

This morning, I went early to get autograph tickets, but the ones for all of the authors I wanted were already gone. Clearly everyone else wanted to meet those authors, too. I wandered around for awhile and understood why everyone gets in line first thing in the morning: that's when all of the ARCs are out. I found the shipping area and started my own box of books, which I added to throughout the day. I still stuck to my policy to only get the novels that I intended to read and review, but I had so many more choices today since I got there early. I went to the Maggie autograph line in hopes of lucking out and being one of the few unticketed people to get a book signed, and I was! I tried and (barely) succeeded and not fangirling at her. I didn't squeal in her face or squeal at the guy who was handing out books. I was pretty proud of myself for that. She's one of my absolute favorite authors, so it was amazing getting to meet her.

I got a few more books signed randomly, and I'm really excited about a lot of the ARCs I got. I can't wait to review them. I'll do a little mini spotlight on all of them when I get home. Right now they're all in a box, on the way to my house, and I can't remember all of the titles.

This afternoon, I went back for round two and got some more books signed. I stood in line at the Hachette booth and rolled the dice for a free ARC and got the one I really wanted, which was awesome. Then I finished up my shipping box and got it ready to mail. After that, I went to the RWA booth for the JLA signing. I had an interview with her afterwards, and my feet were killing me, so I actually asked, "can I just park it over here until you're done?" I really hope that didn't come across as awkward and rude. I just am so bad at peopling. Sigh. Anyway, I sat there and waited on her to finish her signing, and she's so nice to her fans. It was really cool to see how she treated everyone like a long lost friend. Also, her hair is gorgeous. Totally jealous of it. Anyway,  I probably looked like a creeper/stalker sitting on the ground next to her autograph table, but that's fine. I didn't care. I'm pretty sure I'm part cat anyway, so creepy is in my nature. After she got done signing Forever with You, we went to one of the standing tables and did the interview. She was so nice and personable, and I learned a lot about writing from her answers. I can't wait to get the interview transcribed for all of you guys to see.

After my interview with JLA, I came back to my hotel room and put my feet up. I have to get an early start for Book Con tomorrow. I am determined to get a Sherman Alexie autograph ticket, AND an autograph ticket for the Scott Brothers! Once again, if any of you see me wandering around Book Con, please stop me and say hi.

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