Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guest Post with Charlotte Abel

Hey guys, today we have Charlotte Abel with us, who was kind enough to donate copies of Enchantment for the Paranormal Activity contest, which will be ending tomorrow! In honor of her generous donation, I am posting this guest review, written by Charlotte.

Beg for Mercy (A Cambion Series) by Shannon Dermott

It's not often I find a paranormal romance with a twist I haven't seen before. Not only was Beg for Mercy original and entertaining, it captured my imagination as well as my heart.

The main character, Mercy Moore, knows she's different. She wants a normal life, a normal relationship with her boyfriend which includes the ability to kiss him without killing him.

Her mother could teach Mercy how to control the beast inside that craves human life as much as intimacy, but she refuses. Mom tells Mercy she's not ready for this knowledge and responsibility and to just be patient. Mercy suspects Mom is just trying to keep her budding sexuality from going into full bloom. But there's much more than just Mercy's virginity at risk.

The hottest guy at school, bad boy and heart-breaker Flynn McCallister, claims he has the ability to teach her everything she needs to know. The only problem with that solution is he insists it requires hands-on lessons. Mercy is attracted to Flynn (who isn't?) but she's dating his best friend, Luke -- another hottie but with the patience of a saint.

If you think this sounds like just another love triangle, think again! Mercy's best friend, Paul, knows her secret and in spite of the fact that she nearly killed him, loves her anyway. But instead of sitting around pining for her in a Jacobian funk, he dates a cheerleader. (Yay Paul!)

The mysterious, somewhat dangerous and exotic Sebastian appears later in the story and I can only hope we'll see more of him in the sequel.

With all these hot guys vying for her affection, you'd expect Mercy would be a bit vain. She isn't. We get to see her mature from a slightly depressed (and who wouldn't be if you couldn't kiss a guy without killing him?) introvert into a kick-ass heroine willing to sacrifice her own life to save those she loves.

There are a few realistic scenes with teenage drinking and sexuality, but nothing graphic. I highly recommend this book for anyone that enjoys a good paranormal thriller age 14 and up.

I can't wait for the sequel! 

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