Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Friendship Day from the Throne of Glass Ambassadors!

When reading Throne of Glass, I can't help but be touched by all of the friendships in the novel. Dorian and Chaol, Nehemia and Celaena, and of course Fleetfoot and everyone. Dorian is more selfish than Chaol, but he doesn't mean to be. He still makes sacrifices for his best friend, and I am sure that he would die for Chaol, if it came down to it. Chaol, on the other hand, sacrifices everything, including his chance at true love, for Dorian. It's clear that he loves Dorian like a brother.

Nehemia and Celaena haven't been friends nearly as long as Dorian and Chaol, but they, too have a special bond. When they meet and discover that they can speak the same language, they become friends instantly. While they don't always work toward the exact same goals, and while their personalities are very different, they still love and support each other. Nehemia is a social activist, and she wants to save her people, and the world, from oppressive colonialists. Conversely, Celaena is more concerned with looking out for herself and those she loves. She tends to ignore what is going on in the world around her because her survival instinct is so strong. Nehemia is softer, though just as strong as Celaena, and while Celaena is harsher than Nehemia, she, too, is vulnerable. These two show extremes are never good, but they somehow manage to balance each other out. Also, even though they are different, they still understand each other.

Fleetfoot, Celaena's dog, who is friends with everyone reminds me a lot of my cat. He is a rescued baby, and I've had him for ten years. He was abused prior to his rescue, and it took a long time to build his confidence and trust. Now he introduces himself to company and purrs and cuddles with everyone he meets. Fleetfoot wasn't abused, thankfully, but she does befriend pretty much everyone she meets. If you're kind to Celaena, then you're a friend to Fleetfoot. I love how animals embrace people who are kind.

While all of these friendships remind me of my friendship with my best friend of ten years, Dawn, the one I can relate the most to is the friendship between Nehemia and Celaena. I moved to Chicago when I was twenty-one years old, and not long after I arrived, I met Dawn at a concert that we were both photographing for our online music zines. We became friends instantly, just like Nehemia and Celaena. We have understand each other perfectly and pretty much finish each other's sentences. We also have a great sense of humor, though most people don't get our jokes. That's fine. We think we're funny. Like Celaena and Nehemia, we often seem to speak a language that those around us don't understand.

Dawn is quiet and reserved until you get to know her. She's also polite and laid back. She's a kind and wonderful person, and she worries about the state of the world. She's tall and thin, too. Obviously, she reminds me a lot of Nehemia. I, on the other hand, am short and feisty. I'm kind of like those small dogs that think they're bigger than they are, a lot of the time... though I don't wet myself when I'm scared. I'm outspoken and a bit rough around the edges. I used to be a lot more defensive than I am now, but I still protect myself and those I care about above all else, no matter what. Like Celaena, I've spent the majority of my life focused on just surviving. I never really concerned myself with LIVING. Obviously I've never worked as an assassin, though. Dawn has also never been a princess, but shh... don't tell her that, haha.

Throughout the course of our friendship, Dawn has taught me to open up more and to be a kinder person. Kindness does not equal weakness. She's always been there for me when I needed her, and no matter how bratty I get, she never hates me for it. She also isn't afraid to put me in my place when I get out of hand. As I've evolved over the past ten years, I've calmed down a lot. I've reigned my temper in, and I'm not so quick to assume the worst of people. I'm not quite laid back, like Dawn is, but I'm definitely more "level" and patient. I hope she's also gotten some good things out of our friendship.

So, happy friendship day, Dawny! I love you!

Here are some Bit Strips we've made of each other and some pics of us together!

I'm the one in the pirate hate (obviously, haha)

L to R - Me, Dawn, and Jen in the front

L to R - Me and Dawn

L to R - Me and Dawn

Dawn dancing while we sit in Chicago rush hour traffic

I was talking about the Cubs

Inside joke

I got tired of waiting in line and wanted to break and enter

At the top of the John Hancock building in Chicago

Dawn gets road rage

Best selfie ever

We have fun sitting in traffic

See? Fun

L to R - Christy, me, Emily, Dawn

L to R - Shadow (Dawn's cat) and me

L to R - Dawn, Karen, me

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