Saturday, March 26, 2016

BEA 2016 Press Releases

You guys heard right, I'm going to BEA 2016 I've been waiting on it to come to Chicago for years, and even though I don't live there anymore, I'm going back to cover the show! Super excited. Here are some updates that I've gotten so far:

Bloomsbury Author Events:
Don't miss these Bloomsbury authors at BEA! Christine Sneed on the “Hot Fall Fiction” panel Fri. 5/13, 12:15pm, on the Downtown stage for The Virginity of Famous Men Autographing Area signings: 5/12, 2:00pm, Table 3: Elizabeth Eulberg, The Great Shelby Holmes; 5/13, 10:00am, Table 6: Danielle Paige, Stealing Snow; 5/13, 11:00am, Table 6: Jeff Giles, The Edge of Everything

Bloomsbury BEA Galley Giveaways:
-Adult titles: Mad Enchantment, The Secrets of Wishtide, The Blind Astronomer’s Daughter, and The Virginity of Famous Men 
-Children's/YA titles: The Great Shelby Holmes, The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart, Stealing Snow, and The Edge of Everything

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