Friday, August 14, 2015

PURE BLOODED by Amanda Carlson

Rating: B
Jessica arrives back from the Underworld to find her father embroiled in a battle against the Made wolves. She and her crew drop everything to join them.

Once she arrives, the threat is after her. Jessica is lured into danger when her adversary takes something precious from her. With help from an unlikely source, Jessica goes up against her creator in a battle that will decide the path of everyone involved. She must war against a new set of foes, ones who could not only steal her power, but could take her soul as well.

My thoughts on the book:
I enjoyed Pure Blooded much more than its predecessor. While there were some awkward spots, and the ending was a bit abrupt for my tastes, this book was entertaining. The nonstop action had a lot to do with me not being able to put this book down, and the pacing was really fast. The character development was lacking a little bit, but the plot developed quite a bit more. This book was a good addition to the series.

Jessica was strong, as usual, and she kept growing in her powers throughout this book. However, her character didn't grow that much. Rourke was about the same, but I do really like him as the love interest. Tyler annoyed me a little bit, and Marcy always gets on my nerves, so that was nothing new. Danny and Naomi were okay, but we didn't get to see much of them. I really liked learning more about Juanita, though. That was a fun part of the story. We also got to meet some new supernatural types, which was cool. The characters weren't as interesting (so far) as their supernatural talents, but that may change in the next installment.

The pace was super fast and a lot happened in this novel. I felt like the last book, set in the Underworld, dragged on forever, but this installment flew by. The Florida part was the slowest, but it went by pretty quickly, too. One thing I noticed about this book is that it wasn't really set up "traditionally." I felt like the climax of the story happened at like 50-60%, and the remainder of the book was falling action and rising action for the next novel. The story itself stopped in a really odd and awkward place. Also, the sex scenes weren't exactly steamy. They were kind of forced and uncomfortable. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book, though it's not my favorite in the series. I will be reading the next installment to see what Jessica and company get up to next. 

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