Monday, December 8, 2014

UNCHOSEN by Michele Vail

Rating: C+
I thought the worst of my reaper training was behind me… turns out I was wrong. Dead wrong. 

Molly Bartolucci has done a lot of growing up but after being accused of using illegal magic at her school for necromancers, reaper-in-training Molly is treading lightly. As the destined leader of Anubis’s Chosen, she needs to study hard, train harder, and stay out of trouble. 

Uh, right. 

It doesn’t help that she’s feeling more than academic about her melt-your-bones hot reaping instructor, Rath. And if her relationship drama isn’t enough to drive her over the edge, she has to deal with mother issues, nosy little sisters, suspicious friends, and an unnamed force stalking her at school. 

Then her family is attacked, and her bio-dad ends up comatose in the hospital. Now, Molly has to uncover who’s trying to hurt her loved ones—and all without the help of Anubis.

My thoughts on the book:
I really enjoyed the story that Vail told with this novel, but the typos really ruined it for me. I would have rated the book an A had it not been for those. The plot, pacing, and writing were fantastic, and the characters were fun to read. The world-building continued, and the book itself was really good. If you don't mind typos, you'll fall in love with this novel. 

Molly is a fun character with a lot of sarcasm, and I really enjoy reading from her perspective. She deals with things very well, and she grows a lot in this book. Molly really learns what's important in her life, and she learns that she must make sacrifices. I'm happy with the direction in which her character is going. I wish Rath had been more present in this book. He's such an interesting character, and he's good for Molly. I really enjoyed learning more about Barbie, though, and the grandparents are much deeper than I originally thought. 

The plot is fast-paced and kept me interested. Vail's writing and descriptions are pretty good, though lacking in some areas. The story itself is a solid one, but the typos really detract from it. Sometimes characters' names were switched. For instance, Vail calls Rath Ralph in one sentence. Also, tenses switch randomly throughout the novel. There are duplicate words, as well, such as "He ran to to the other side of the street." That's not a direct quote from the book, by the way, I'm just giving an example of what was going on. Also, the back of the novel said that the next installment would be out in March of this year, and it's not out. I hope that the third book is released. I have to see what happens next with Molly since this one ends on a cliff hanger. Aside from the typos, I absolutely adored this book, though. I grew to better understand the world that Vail had created, and the characters and plot are evolving naturally. Nothing seemed forced. I really hope there is a third book. 

Overall, I'd recommend this book, and series, for people who are looking for something a bit different from your usual necromancer novels. This involves Egyptian mythology, which is a nice touch, and it makes it stand out. 

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