Monday, January 9, 2012

Beginning of semester

Hey everybody, I started school back today, so I won't be updating as much as I have been. However, I will still do around 2-3 reviews a week, and post news, covers, contests, and more as I find out about them. I'll also be slower at returning comments.

Good news! I already have 100 GFC followers, so I will be doing the Wicked and Son of a Witch for my first giveaway! I'll post all of the details this weekend. Thank you to everyone who has followed me so far! :)


  1. Good luck with school! :) I know it's really hard to balance a blog with school, especially right now for me, we're in the middle of exams. \:

  2. Thanks. This semester won't be as tough as the last one. These teachers seem to understand what a reasonable workload is, at least. Last semester was a nightmare, haha. Good luck with exams!


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