Sunday, January 8, 2012

Potential Giveaway

Hey guys, if I reach 100 followers before the end of next week, I will give away a copy of Wicked and a copy of Son of a Witch, both by Gregory Maguire!

Also, if I reach 100 followers on Networked Blogs, I'll throw in an e-book of each winner's choice from my collection! (I have a ton of them!)

E-books will be MOBI format.

So spread the word if you'd like to win one of these two books! Thanks! :)


  1. Hey, you found me on Book Blogs and asked me for a follow - here I am =)

  2. Following you back. Thanks Elizabeth! :)

  3. Thank you for welcoming me on Book Blogs. I am following you now and guess what? I am your 101 follower. :) Congratulations!


  4. Thanks Pragya! I'm stopping by your blog right now!

  5. I'm follower number 108! I also saw you on book blogs and I'd love it if you could stop by and check me out at Is It Amazing! :)

  6. Great Giveaway! I love the story of Wicked! although if I'm to be perfectly honest, I skipped the book and went straight to the Broadway musical :p
    Thanks for stopping by my book blogs profile! :) I'm still trying to get the feel for how it works.
    My blog is still somewhat in its infant stage but hop on over if you'd like :)

  7. Hey Aspen, thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog. Great work so far! Book Blogs is a great resource for networking, and the people are super friendly!


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