Saturday, January 7, 2012

Star Struck

I have had a few requests to tell more about what I am writing at this time. I am not going to do that mainly because I tried the other day, and I can't give a coherent, concise summary of my book yet. It's not even halfway finished. I'm 100 pages in, and I'd like to have 350-400 pages in my first draft. All I can tell you is that it's about an immortal girl who is supposed to protect humanity, but because of her traumatic past, she chooses not to. She wants to be a rock star. The book is set in LA, and there are variations of angels, some werewolves, demons, and lots of surprises. I've used existential philosophy and deism for this so that I could create my own world (and because those two philosophies intrigue me). I plan to make it a trilogy. Want to know more? Well you'll just have to wait until I either get published or publish it myself on Amazon.

For now, this blog is to review other authors' works because the only way for me to learn to write well is by reading everything I can get my hands on. This blog helps me understand what works for a story and what doesn't, because when I pick a story apart for a review and put what works and what doesn't, it clears things up for me in my writing process. I also simply love books and wanted a community in which I could discuss what I've read. I have a lot of friends come to me asking for book recommendations, so I figured I'd just post a blog that way everyone could see my recommendations.

I didn't want the people who asked for more information about what I'm writing to think I was ignoring them, but after trying to figure out a way to summarize a half-story and finding it impossible, I figured this would be the best way to acknowledge everyone. I hope you guys have enjoyed the blog so far, and when I get a solid idea of how to summarize my story, you all will be the first to know. Thanks for reading! :)

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